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5 fashion tips to do the Disney parks like an Instagram Pro

5 fashion tips to do the Disney parks like an Instagram Pro

traveling with Pixie dustInterview with Mireily aka TravelingwithPixiedust    

                     Expert advice on how to do a day at Disney Parks like an Instagrammer!



Click here to check out Mireily's latest insta posts!


Got any questions for us drop us a comment below. 

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John September 8 2019

love everything you said , plus the tips for starters if they are going for the first time.. Thank you for everything! 💕💕💕🙌 I recommend everything from you.

Keyshla September 6 2019

My girrrrlll 💖💖🔥🔥

Jenny September 6 2019

Love the post, thanks for the hacks @Travelingwithpixiedust, I’m definitely gonna follow your hacks next time I go to Disney!! Please keep sharing your hacks and experiences!! 💖

Melannie Pagán September 6 2019

These tips will be very helpful for the next time I go to the most magical place on earth, so that my pictures turn out super instagramable! 💖💖💖 I love all of Mireily’s posts on Traveling with Pixie Dust, they always look so whimsical ✨✨✨ thank you for sharing these tips!!!! All it takes is faith, trust & a little bit of pixie dust, which I’m sending your way!!!

Mayra September 6 2019

I love all your outfits and tips! Especially the oil blotting sheets. Disney CAN get hot like crazy! Keep up the great pics, shots and style! Love it all!

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