How to style your hair with hair clips

How to style your hair with hair clips


Have you seen the latest hair styling trend? It's hair clips

It's such fun trend too! There is so many ways to wear them, and they are easy. Even for a someone who generally never styles there hair. 

So we thought we would show you some different ways to style your hair with hair clips. There are some great videos if you want a full tutorial on how to do the hair style as well as how to put the clips in.


Basic style for beginners:

Centre part, hair down with clips both sides


After brushing hair. Simply grab a comb or bobby pin run a lin from your forehead to back of skull and seperate hair. Then grab your clips and put on either side of head. You can place them high up towards the part or low near your ears. here are some examples of both. 

 Runway hair style with hair clips. How to wear Hair clips

 image sources: Pinterest.



Side Part hair out with clips


Use a comb or bobby pin & draw a line. Use the end of bobby pin or comb, draw from forehead to back of scalp. Everyone has their own preferred side there isn't really a right or wrong and you can do it 3/4 or 2/3 across you head everyone like their part in a different spot.  Then style your hair ( either straighten for an extra sleek look or curling/waving) keeping the part in its place. Now its clip time if you did a 3/4 part you might want to put the clips on the side with the least amount of hair. Just have fun with it.

For an extra tip layer you bobby pins for a dramatic effect if you don't have hair clips. Or use multiple hair clips (they can be all different sizes) for unique look.  


Hair clip trend. Celebrites with hair clips. How to style with hair clips. side part with hair clips.

 image source: top row: left: Justine Marjan centre: Olivia Culpo, right: @ashleyantoinebeauty@miilamary. Bottom row: left: Pinterest , centre: Pinterest , right: Amanda Kokoeva .

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Ponytail with Clips


After brushing hair (and straightening if want the hair dead straight) you can either comb it into the palm of your and wrap the hair tie around your hair until its tight.

Or you may want to part you hair. It's recommended that you would use product in your hair so the part stays; like hairs spray, gel etc. If you are having clips at the front of you hair after combing your perfect part with product put the clip in straight away to keep the part their, whilst you then tie the rest of your hair back. 

Ponytail with hair clips. How to style a ponytail with hair clips or pins  

 image source: left: Priscilla Martinez, centre: Pinterest, right: Nina Fatic  . 


Low bun or Top knot with Clips 

For a messy cute look. Just use you fingers and run them through your hair until you have all the hair up in the top of you head held in a ponytail then use your other hand and wrap you hair around until its in tight bun then grab a hair tie and wrap it around until its tight you can pull parts of the bun out a bit to make it wider etc.  We have videos below on how to do a top knot. 


For a neat high bun you do the same but comb your hair into a neat ponytail with hair spray and twirl you hair when wrapping into the bun to keep it neat. 

For a low bun you do the same but put you hair into a low pony tail before putting it into a bun. 

You can also do a side part follow instructions in the Ponytail style with hair clips above to find out how to do it. 

 bun with hair clips, how to style bun with hair clips, top knot with hair clips

 image source: top row: left: Pinterest , centre: Lapisdenoiva, right: Hailey Baldwin. Bottom row:  left: unknown, centre: unknown,  right instagram @anarabyanalerida


Some styles great hair styles with clips for Disneyland or Disney World:

Disney Style approved hair up looks


Wan't your hair to be away from your face so it doesn't blow into your mouth whilst eating Ghirardelli ice-cream at the Parks? No problem here is some Disney style approved hair styles.

hair up styles perfect for Disney parks, Disneyland, Disney world hairstyles 

image source: top row: left: pinterest, centre: unknown, right: unknown. 

Half up half down


This is a classic look. Conveyance of hair off your face, but for those of us who like to still have it down in photos.


 Half up half down hair styles perfect for Disneyland

image source: top row: left: Pinterest  , centre: Ulyana.aster , right: here . Bottom row: left: unknown, centre: Hair Ideen, right: Blonde hairstyles with pearls shop look>


Advanced hair styling with clips

Check out this inspo if you feel like getting ultra creative with your hair clips and you are a bit advanced with your hair styling skills.

 Runway hairstyles with hair clips and pins. Advanced hair clips hair styles

image source: top row: left: Rhianna, centre: Pinterest, right: Mira Zwillinger Bridal  shop the look> . Bottom row: left: image WWD, centre: Fairchild Archive, WWD/Kyle Ericksen  , right: Kate Mara. 



Video Tutorials


How to do a ponytail with centre part:



How to do a top knot like a pro:




How to style hair with hair clips:



We hope you enjoyed our Ultimate: How to style your hair with Hair clips guide. How to style hair with hair clips ultimate guide easy to advanced


















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