Best Shoes to wear at Disneyland and Why

Best Shoes to wear at Disneyland and Why

Now I did a bit of research before I went to Disneyland on what shoes to bring. Because hey having comfy footwear is important; but also wanting them to match my outfit and be practical was important. Plus ever noticed how much your shoes take up a huge chunk of your suitcase? Guys definitely don’t have this issue. So I found you needed the following: (Please note: if you are simply doing a day trip, you could pick any of the following minus the last pair as you wouldn’t want to spend a whole day in them.)


White sneakers:

I wore Adidas Stan Smiths they were actually more comfortable than I thought and were super easy to style with. I’m short so I didn't wear them with jeans but most people rock them with denim. They go with so many things though skirts shorts you name it they are like neutral shoe. So if you own a pair which most people do recommend packing them.

 Adidas Stan Smith sneakers Adidas Stan Smith sneakers stand smith sneakers mossman shorts

Basic sandal:

I chose to wear my old Wittner sandals that I have cut the jewels off, since half of them wear missing. They are a nude tan colour simple strap across the toes and around the ankle. I don’t like wearing sliders all day your feet get sore from trying to grip onto the shoes. I wore them with skirts and dresses had no issue being in them all day; mind you I definitely had worn them in. Make sure you know they are comfortable before packing them, because you want to spend a full day at Disneyland. There is so much to see and do, and I still haven't gotten through it all and I’ve spent a fair bit of time there.



Now I don't mean the shoes you actually go running in because let’s be honest here they are normally your asics or some other brand that are quite bulky but great for running in yeh? You want the pair you just walk in that are ultra light and comfortable. I find if you were your heavier runners that are made to cope with pounding foot to pavement my shins and calfs get sore. So go with a cute lighter pair. I’m an adidas fan so I normally pack either: my Adidas Swift Runs which I like for looks the other is like my second skin I live in them are the Adidas Pure Boosts the ones with the weird arch. But nikes would do or something similar. I like to wear leggings so I wear them with leggings or even shorts or skirts i wear black denim so they go fine. 

Adidas Swift Runs Adidas Swift runs originals Adidas Pure Boost 


A Block Heel Sandal:

Just a nice basic low heel something you can wear to go out for dinner in but not uncomfortable that you can’t walk back to Disneyland and watch the fireworks. I own Novo’s Maddisons in nude and black last trip I believe I just packed the black ones. But either would have worked. the heel is a nice length not too high not too low that I feel I haven't gained any height (remember short person want to elongate my legs if at all possible).

These are similar to mine.

Novo Marceline strappy Heel black Novo Utica Strappy Low heel

Boots (only if going around winter):

If you were going at winter time think about packing boots a pair that you generally live in no high heels think low heel or now heel something that has been worn in and will not clash with what you are wearing I like black but some people prefer tan depends what colour denim you wear. if you tend to wear a lot of black like myself pack black boots. If you wear light denim maybe go with tan. I did pack boots last time I went but that was because were flying to Canada and it was going to be cold and I wanted them for trecking I didn't actually wear them at Disneyland but the previous trip I did. If you find your boots are that comfortable but you want to pack them because maybe it will be cold put an insole in them I generally do it to all my boots probably since I wear them so much I like them to be ultra supportive and comfortable.


Hope this helps! if you want any more information feel free to email us through our contact us page.

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