Disney Mugs- Obsessed

Disney Mugs- Obsessed

So I tend to collect Disney mugs when I go to Disneyland. I find they are reasonably priced and I generally use them the most. But it is getting to the stage where I have to start putting them on display because I'm doubling up mugs one on top of each other so they all fit in my draw haha. My mum keeps saying stop buying more mugs but I love them I always go to use them first and I pick a different one depending on my mood. 


Disney mugs 

Disney mugs tea

Does anyone else do the same?


Disney mugs Grumpy princesses


 What are your favourited Disney mug purchases? 


 Bambi mug   Disneyland mug 2019

Most of mine are from Disneyland.


But theses ones are from either Target or Kmart. I got them at easter they are for kids and they come with an easter egg but i buy them purely for myself and for the mug haha.

target & kmart Disney mugs 


One of my favourite (because don't think I could actually pick a favourite). Is this one. I love how it has the villains and the princesses and they are uniquely drawn so cool! I went to get another one this year but they didn't have anything similar this time which I was a bit saddened by. But don't worry i just bought other ones instead ;) . 

 Disney drawing mug   Disney drawing mug


In case any of you were wondering how I take them home with me I wrap my clothes around them and put most of them in my suit case which is a hard shell one. so jumpers t-shirts etc just wrap them like you would with tissue paper but with clothes. Seems to work well haven't broken one yet. I also put clothes between them so they don't bang. 


Grumpy Disneyland mug   Grumpy disney mug sven dwarfs



Since I am a bit obsessed I also follow some instagram accounts that post heaps of mugs hahah yep I know sad but I can't help it. 


So in case you wanted to have a look at them these are the ones I follow:


This one just posts Disney Mugs.



 These one posts all sorts of Disney cute stuff. 


If you post pictures of Disney Mugs tag us @Disney.voguette and we will reshare or like you pics!


These are some of the ones on my wish List!


Pochahontas curious nature mug Winnie the pooh bee mug 101 dalmation mug 

tsum tsum mugs



If we were to sell Disney mugs what characters would you want to see and what style? 


Thanks for reading ~ xx     



P.s Can you tell I like Grumpy haha they are actually my husbands mugs but we both love him! 


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Sasha August 31 2019

I Love grumpy too!!! 💕💕 They look great lined up on shelves as well.

Cute post 👏

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